Today’s Technology, Yesterday’s Care

Dr. Bernice Gonzalez had been a family practitioner in the San Antonio area for over seventeen years. Motivated to see her patients experience optimal wellness, she felt frustrated at the lack of time she could spend with them.

As Vital Life Wellness Center has grown, Dr. Gonzalez has been exceptionally particular about whom she’s added to our Team of medical professionals.  Not only must they share her passion for preventive and functional medicine, they must also care for our patients like they would care for their own family.

Our collaborative Team is passionate about seeing our patients regain and maintain excellent health and vitality.  As life-long learners, each of our providers stays abreast of the latest medical research, enabling us to bring the highest quality of care to our patients.

Our clinical and business staff, from our medical assistants to the office manager, are highly knowledgeable and patient-focused.

Our Values

We lead by example as partners in healthy, vital living.

We go the extra mile to provide excellent service and care.

Our learning and teaching practices are foundational to the life-changing outcomes that our patients experience.

From the practice of medicine to our daily business activities, we value integrity in word and deed.


Dr. Gonzalez has been helping me for 8 years and has continued to stay updated on my areas of concern. She is professional and friendly.

Maria Halseth

Vital Life has truly changed my life! I'm feeling great and meeting my goals!
Thank you, Vital Life!

Julie Nixon

Love this Clinic, always get help here. Recently diagnosed with Sibo - did the treatment and feeling much better!

Anita Bohls

She is very professional and takes her time in evaluating my meds and providing me with comprehensive care.

Raul Rodriguez

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