With the information gained through our various diagnostic modalities, Vital Life Wellness Center providers and patients are empowered to create therapeutic plans that restore health and vitality.

We not only employ advanced diagnostics, we are also trained to interpret their results from a holistic perspective.

At our wellness center, a thyroid test is not just a thyroid test.  We look at markers that others don’t know to ask for, and we interpret thyroid test results in the context of other diagnostic results such as adrenal and hormone testing.

Our advanced training and testing enables us to track our patients’ progress, to make necessary adjustments to their plan of care, and to see trends that other, less knowledgeable providers miss.


Dr. Gonzalez has been helping me for 8 years and has continued to stay updated on my areas of concern. She is professional and friendly.

Maria Halseth

Vital Life has truly changed my life! I'm feeling great and meeting my goals!
Thank you, Vital Life!

Julie Nixon

Love this Clinic, always get help here. Recently diagnosed with Sibo - did the treatment and feeling much better!

Anita Bohls

She is very professional and takes her time in evaluating my meds and providing me with comprehensive care. You could not ask for a better doctor! The best in San Antonio!

Raul Rodriguez

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